Symetra Life Insurance Company

Symetra Life Insurance Company is an insurance carrier, with 11,851 agents licensed to sell their products in the state of California. An insurance carrier is a company to which insurance payments are sent and the company that pays if a claim is filed. In return for selling the policies of the insurance carrier, agents may receive a commission from the carrier.

Agent Lines of Business

The chart below summarizes which lines of business insurance agents that are authorized to sell products for Symetra Life Insurance Company are licensed in.


53% of agents for Symetra Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell annuities. An annuity is a financial product offered by an insurance company. It is typically used by investors to save tax-deferred for retirement or to generate regular income payments, helping to replace a paycheck in retirement.

Life Insurance

53% of agents for Symetra Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell life insurance. A life insurance policy is a contract with an insurance company. In exchange for premium payments, the insurance company provides a lump-sum payment, known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries upon the insured person's death.

Accident and Health

48% of agents for Symetra Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell accident and health insurance. Accident and health insurance coverage pays benefits in case of sickness, accidental injury or accidental death. Accident and health insurance is commonly offered by employers, and given to employees as part of an incentive package to work for the company.

Authorized Agent Directory

Veronica Aaron - David Almquist
David Almquist - Jason Artof
Jason Artof - Dana Ballesto
Dana Ballesto - Scott Beesley
Scott Beesley - Jake Birnberg
Jake Birnberg - Jeannine Boutin
Jeannine Boutin - Bryan Buchert
Bryan Buchert - Brian Carey
Brian Carey - Alisa Chanpong
Alisa Chanpong - Hersh Chudasama
Hersh Chudasama - Myron Cook
Myron Cook - James Cunningham
James Cunningham - Sousa De
Sousa De - Paul Digerolamo
Paul Digerolamo - Michael Dysart
Michael Dysart - Richard Esterly
Richard Esterly - Susan Fillerup-ward
Susan Fillerup-ward - Todd Frank
Todd Frank - Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia - Alicia Glennon
Alicia Glennon - Gregory Green
Gregory Green - Darryl Hall
Darryl Hall - Joseph Hassin
Joseph Hassin - Edward Herrera
Edward Herrera - Paul Honeycutt
Paul Honeycutt - Toni Iannarelli
Toni Iannarelli - Byron Johnson
Byron Johnson - Michael Karhanek
Michael Karhanek - Madelyn Kim
Madelyn Kim - John Kraemer
John Kraemer - Moreen Latchman
Moreen Latchman - John Leos
John Leos - James Llovera
James Llovera - Eduardo Luy
Eduardo Luy - Hershell Mann
Hershell Mann - Edward Maxfield
Edward Maxfield - Patrick Mead
Patrick Mead - Penny Miller
Penny Miller - David Morgan
David Morgan - Milano Naimi
Milano Naimi - Christopher Nixon
Christopher Nixon - Mitchell Ostrove
Mitchell Ostrove - Carolyn Pate
Carolyn Pate - Michael Petri
Michael Petri - Melissa Power
Melissa Power - Kristopher Raney
Kristopher Raney - Charles Riharb
Charles Riharb - Timothy Rosen
Timothy Rosen - Hasina Saleh
Hasina Saleh - Michael Schnitzer
Michael Schnitzer - Steve Sheehan
Steve Sheehan - Kelley Slaught
Kelley Slaught - Thomas Stapleton
Thomas Stapleton - Simon Sun
Simon Sun - Eszylfie Taylor
Eszylfie Taylor - Robert Toomire
Robert Toomire - Jeremy Uzqueda
Jeremy Uzqueda - Kevin Vogt
Kevin Vogt - Bryan Welbaum
Bryan Welbaum - Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson - George Yackey
George Yackey - Mark Zerebny
Mark Zerebny - Zachary Zwilling