Aetna Life Insurance Company

Aetna Life Insurance Company is an insurance carrier, with 31,904 agents licensed to sell their products in the state of California. An insurance carrier is a company to which insurance payments are sent and the company that pays if a claim is filed. In return for selling the policies of the insurance carrier, agents may receive a commission from the carrier.

Agent Lines of Business

The chart below summarizes which lines of business insurance agents that are authorized to sell products for Aetna Life Insurance Company are licensed in.

Accident and Health

53% of agents for Aetna Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell accident and health insurance. Accident and health insurance coverage pays benefits in case of sickness, accidental injury or accidental death. Accident and health insurance is commonly offered by employers, and given to employees as part of an incentive package to work for the company.


48% of agents for Aetna Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell annuities. An annuity is a financial product offered by an insurance company. It is typically used by investors to save tax-deferred for retirement or to generate regular income payments, helping to replace a paycheck in retirement.

Life Insurance

48% of agents for Aetna Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell life insurance. A life insurance policy is a contract with an insurance company. In exchange for premium payments, the insurance company provides a lump-sum payment, known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries upon the insured person's death.

Casualty Insurance

1% of agents for Aetna Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell casualty insurance. Casualty insurance is primarily concerned with the losses caused by injuries to persons and legal liability imposed on the insured for such injury or for damage to property of others.

Property Insurance

1% of agents for Aetna Life Insurance Company are licensed to sell property insurance. Property insurance is a policy that provides financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a structure and its contents in the event of damage or theft. Property insurance can include homeowners insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance and earthquake insurance.

Authorized Agent Directory

Neill Aarons - Leo Alam
Leo Alam - Silvia Alviso
Silvia Alviso - Nick Argovi
Nick Argovi - Jeffrey Babcock
Jeffrey Babcock - Cynthia Barclay
Cynthia Barclay - Colleen Baumann
Colleen Baumann - Theresa Bennett
Theresa Bennett - Tracy Bishop
Tracy Bishop - Lucy Borden
Lucy Borden - David Breitweiser
David Breitweiser - Alicia Bruce
Alicia Bruce - Lucas Byrd
Lucas Byrd - Christopher Cardozo
Christopher Cardozo - Jessica Castillo
Jessica Castillo - Dani Chard
Dani Chard - Song Choi
Song Choi - Bernie Click
Bernie Click - Robert Combi
Robert Combi - Herna Costanzo
Herna Costanzo - Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz - Darius Dashtaki
Darius Dashtaki - Michael Delaney
Michael Delaney - Dustin Diesman
Dustin Diesman - Sharman Dow
Sharman Dow - Randolph Ebersberger
Randolph Ebersberger - Kevin England
Kevin England - James Fan
James Fan - Santiago Figueroa
Santiago Figueroa - D Force
D Force - Cynthia Friedman
Cynthia Friedman - Beverly Garcia
Beverly Garcia - Adofo Ghani
Adofo Ghani - Mark Goldsmith
Mark Goldsmith - Rocky Graham
Rocky Graham - Phillip Gulley
Phillip Gulley - Katherine Hamilton
Katherine Hamilton - James Harris
James Harris - James Hecker
James Hecker - Robert Hess
Robert Hess - Barbara Hogan
Barbara Hogan - Jacqueline Howard
Jacqueline Howard - Gregory Hyland
Gregory Hyland - Harold Jamison
Harold Jamison - Kalvin Johnson
Kalvin Johnson - Liafisi Kaka
Liafisi Kaka - Brian Kelca
Brian Kelca - Michael Kim
Michael Kim - Michelle Knorre
Michelle Knorre - Bryan Krupin
Bryan Krupin - David Lane
David Lane - Everett Lebherz
Everett Lebherz - Daisy Leonard
Daisy Leonard - Mary Limont
Mary Limont - Silvia Lopez
Silvia Lopez - Caroline Ma
Caroline Ma - Maryan Man
Maryan Man - Richard Martin
Richard Martin - Jason Mccarty
Jason Mccarty - Timothy Mclaughlin
Timothy Mclaughlin - Terri Methvin
Terri Methvin - Michael Mirich
Michael Mirich - Javier Mora
Javier Mora - Mark Munger
Mark Munger - Janet Nava
Janet Nava - Loan Nguyen-tu
Loan Nguyen-tu - Jose Obar
Jose Obar - Gary Osnower
Gary Osnower - Frederick Parisi
Frederick Parisi - Leonard Pearson
Leonard Pearson - Susan Peters
Susan Peters - Enrique Plata
Enrique Plata - John Prichard
John Prichard - Hever Ramirez
Hever Ramirez - Jay Reid
Jay Reid - Brittany Rief
Brittany Rief - Robert Rodee
Robert Rodee - Steven Rosenberg
Steven Rosenberg - Jeffrey Ruzicka
Jeffrey Ruzicka - Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez - Brian Schenkemeyer
Brian Schenkemeyer - Mishel Sedaghat
Mishel Sedaghat - John Shelott
John Shelott - David Simmons
David Simmons - Gary Smith
Gary Smith - Sergio Sosa
Sergio Sosa - Dante Stella
Dante Stella - Aaron Struck
Aaron Struck - Karen Szabo
Karen Szabo - Donna Templeton
Donna Templeton - Stephanie Timon
Stephanie Timon - Carl Trexler
Carl Trexler - Carmine Vacchio
Carmine Vacchio - John Vignone
John Vignone - Cynthia Wallace
Cynthia Wallace - Nicole Webster
Nicole Webster - William White
William White - Hal Wilson
Hal Wilson - John Word
John Word - Jordan Yoshitake
Jordan Yoshitake - Scott Zuckerman
Scott Zuckerman - Christopher Zweidinger