3 Types of Investors to Suffer Most From a Stock Market Crash

The US has experienced close to a 10-year bull market; since 2009, the S&P 500 has returned over 270%. When the inevitable market correction comes, which type of investors will feel the most pain? We looked at data on the finances of US households to identify three categories of investors who have the most exposure […]

The Yield Curve’s Huge Impact On Your Life

Unless you follow investing closely you may never have heard of the “yield curve” and may not realize how much impact it has on your life. The yield curve predicts to some extent your income over the next few years, whether or not you’ll be able to borrow money and how your portfolio is likely […]

How Much Your Peers Are Investing in Stocks

Introduction How do you decide how much of your assets should be in stocks? One approach is to max out your 401k, IRA, etc and invest everything you possibly can into the market while you are young and less so as you grow older. Another is to have enough money in liquid assets to cover […]

Why Do Annuities Have Surrender Charges?

Every year consumers put over 300 billion dollars of their savings into annuities. While annuities can provide specific guarantees that are unavailable elsewhere, part of what consumers don’t like about them are their surrender charges. A surrender charge is what a consumer with an annuity has to pay if they want to withdraw their money […]

What Is A Deferred Annuity?

You’ve probably heard that annuities are a great way to provide for your future. You may also know that there are different types of annuities: every annuity is either variable or fixed, and either immediate or deferred. This brief guide will tell you everything you need to know about deferred annuities (also sometimes called deferred […]

What Is A Buffer Annuity?

Buffer annuities have been gaining attention in the investment world. At its most basic, a buffer annuity allows you to participate in the growth of a stock market index while protecting you from certain amounts of loss in your savings. There are, however, many details that are worth understanding. First, these annuities will typically cap […]